Monday, November 30, 2009

Carson & Miller

Jonathan Carson & Rosie Miller have worked collaboratively as Carson & Miller since 2000. Their practice explores the impulse to tell and re-tell stories. Carson & Miller are particularly interested in non-linear and halted narratives. In recent work game playing has become an important method of narration; both of their own lives and those of others.

Carson & Miller experiment with audio and the spoken word, live game playing and collaborative drawing, as well as producing artists’ book and other printed matter.

A Game of Truth & Fiction (2009), litho printed postcard.

'Away From Home' (2010)
Carson & Miller

This map documents the artists' experience of being away from home. In doing so it visualises a very personal geography of the Earth. The universality of the map is warped here to the particular experience of the artists, resulting in a presentation of the world with unexpected inclusions and omissions.

'Away From Home' (2010) Carson & Miller

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