Friday, December 4, 2009

Anne Charnock

Anne Charnock is a visual artist based in Manchester and London.

The Uncertainty Series is an ongoing body of work that reveals the doubts I experience during my art-making. I give solid form to these meandering and often contradictory thoughts by mimicking the ‘track changes’ function in word processing programs.

According to Michael Corris (1), the Uncertainty Series is ‘the story of authority rebuked, of certainty suspended, of an internal dialogue made manifest in the world . . . In one work, viewers find the sentence: “I don’t often believe my end-result is driven by my original idea.” As they stumble through strike-throughs, lose their way and retrace their steps, a conflicting sentence emerges: “I always have a clear idea that drives my practice.” . . . We read phrases that are, so to speak, false starts. We trip over ourselves, and in so doing rehearse Charnock’s ‘uncertainty.’

The Uncertainty Series reflects a long-standing interest in the opacity and indeterminacy of inscribed language. Underlying many of my works is my interest in digital technology. I watch for those everyday instances when technology ‘goes wrong’ – when printers malfunction, when data is corrupted. For example, I am also working at present with a malfunctioning digital camera to produce a set of distorted portraits.

1 Michael Corris, “Rethinking Writing: Anne Charnock and the Art of Language” in Certainty Suspended, Castlefield Gallery Publications. September 2008.

Certainty Suspended. Anne Charnock

People Who Think. Anne Charnock

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