Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heidi Schaefer

Heidi Schaefer is a visual artist whose work engages with history and its consequences in the present. It addresses war and colonialism and their expression in cultural and theoretical ideas as well as their meaning and consequences in history and art production.

The medium she uses, which has included drawing, sculpture, painting, text and video, follows from these ideas. All her work has a socio-political focus. The work can be ironic and irreverent or have a sense of uncertainty and dislocation. With this she hopes to open a space to the irrational, to other possibilities and new interpretations.

Heidi Schaefer also runs a gallery in the front room of her house in Manchester called twenty+3 projects. It has a mandate to show international and regional, non-commercial work.

Heidi Schaefer. Installation. 2009

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